ITQAN is a company that specializes in business setup and business growth

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What is ITQAN?

ITQAN is a business consultancy that provides business setup services in different industries and different legal forms.

What are business setup steps?

There are 3 steps to set up your business 1- The First Step: CID Approval

2- The Second Step: Company Setup All legal documents are issued

  • as part of this
  • step: – Commercial Register –
  • Memorandum of Association –
  • Establishment Card –
  • Certificate of Establishment – Company Registration with the Department of Identity and Foreigners

3- The third step: Investor Visa Issuance

What is the maximum number of licenses a foreign investor may have?


What is the minimum capital required to establish a company


What is the time span for starting a business in Dubai?

Only 21 days remain

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