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The cost of setting up a company in Dubai

Itqan provides you with all the requirements to establish your company in Dubai. Your residence and commercial registration in Dubai in only three steps

In Itqan, we count on your behalf all the costs associated with your commercial activity at the lowest cost and enable you to know the total cost of your project and without hidden fees before starting it. This is in addition to the many and distinct facilities that we will provide you with during the stages of establishing your company in Dubai, with the completion of all licensing procedures, including residency.

We are asked a lot of questions about whether investment costs in Dubai are high and what are the costs of establishing a company in the UAE?

We explain to you at the beginning and assure you that our work team will provide all support to you, your business team and your partners during all your steps and paths in establishing your own company in the State of Dubai and fully estimate the required fees to obtain licenses for your business without any hidden fees while facilitating and simplifying the procedures for establishing your company. Dealing directly with investors.

The most important initial step is to know all the costs of establishing a company.

If you are planning to establish a trading company in Dubai, you must select the options in order to be able to determine the cost. Like is the company big or small,


How many employees and where do you want to establish the company?

So you need to know the required fees, Because there are new commercial licenses that you have to obtain in return for money and fees, In addition to obtaining visas for the employees of the company. There are the costs of sponsoring employees and providing them with the necessary visas and papers in order to be allowed to reside in the UAE.

The costs of establishing a company in Dubai are mainly limited to:

1. The cost of the commercial license “the cost of a commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone” (license to practice commercial work).

2. The cost of the location of the company or office through which you would like to conduct your business (the annual rent for the office or the cost of purchasing a new office).

3. Costs related to office furniture and decoration.

4. The cost of work permits and visas required for sponsored employees under your company name.

5. Opening a bank account in the name of the company and depositing the minimum capital required according to the type of your business.

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+60 government agencies

The legal form of the company also plays a key role in the increase or decrease in the cost of incorporation. For example, the costs of incorporating industrial companies are higher than in commercial and professional companies.

And Dubai trade license is the most important document you need, Of course, we help you to obtain the commercial license in the easiest way possible


License types:

1. Commercial licenses: It is the commercial license for companies that deal in general trade or a specialized commercial activity.

2. Industrial licenses: It is the industrial license for establishing an industrial activity and companies operating in production and manufacturing.

3. Professional licenses: The professional license covers professions, services, craftsmen and specialists.

4. Tourist licenses: It is for companies engaged in tourism and hospitality related services within the United Kingdom.

As for the cost of establishing an investor:

In 2019, the UAE implemented a long-stay visa system. for five or ten years, automatically renewed, When the same conditions are met, For certain groups, including investors, entrepreneurs, And those with specialized talent.

This new system allows residents of the UAE, Foreign expatriates and their families wishing to come to work, live and study in the country, Possibility to enjoy long-term residency without the need for an Emirati sponsor, With a percentage of ownership of 100% within the emirates of the country, contrary to what is generally accepted, which requires the presence of a local partner with a share of not less than 51% in business and investment projects within the emirates of the country

Establishing a company in the free zone:


You should know that each free zone has different steps and fees, as well as an incorporation cost

Companies wishing to launch their business in the free zone have greater flexibility in choosing commercial and service activities that are commensurate with the nature of their work, with the advantage of tax exemption, which is one of the biggest attractions for many contractors. This contributes to enhancing the investor experience when establishing companies and conducting their business.

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At Etqan, we seek to clarify all standards and business requirements so that we can provide professional and reliable professional advice on current laws and regulations. informing our customers of all their rights, Providing cost effective solutions that fit their needs and budget.

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